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Our Menu
Cream of Tomato
Puree of tomato with a dash of cream and croutons

Cream of spinach
Puree of spinach garnished with cream and rice

Samunder ke moti
Seafood bouiillion garnished with fresh sprouts, lemon rind and spices

Indian summer special
Our chef's very own soup with begetable, chicken or lamb

Chicken cream soup
A cream based soup with shreds of chicken

Sweet corn chicken soup
Sweet corn & chicken in chicken stock

Kids meal
Two kalmi kabab, malai chicken tikka, seekh kabab, yoghurt & mint chutney. French fries & juice/7up/mirinda



A middle eastern dip made with chickpass, sesame seeds, lemon juice, olive oil and served with warm nan bread

Chilli milli kabab
Spicy deep fried vegetable patties served with mint chutney


Subz hara bhara
Deep fried patties of vegetables stuffed with cheese and delicately spiced


French fries

From The Tandoor
Paneer tikka
Cubes of cottage cheese mildly spiced and barbequed

Achari paneer tikka
Cubes of cottage cheese marinated with our spiced pickles and barbequed

Stuffed mushroom
Mashrooms stuffed with cheese & herbs and barbequed

Lamb Kabab
Boti kabab
Tender mutton pieces babequed on charcoal

Peshawari raan
Tender lamb leg marinated and barbequed to perfection

Mutton sheek kabab
Succulent pieces of minced lamb mixed with Indian spices and barbequed on a slow coal fire

Chicken Kabab
Kalmi kabab
Chicken drumsticks marinated in spices and cooked in charcoal oven

Tangdi kabab - Murg tandoori
Succulent chicken legs marinated in spiced yoghurt and barbequed

Chicken tikka
Chicken pieces coated with egg yolk and spiced with cumn & cardamom and barbequed

Mixed grill kabab
Platter of chicken, prawn and lamb mildly spiced marinated and barbequed

Lahsooni kabab
Chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt, garlic & spices and barbequed

Kali mirch kabab
Chicken kabab spiced with crushed black pepper corn and barbequed

Reshmi kabab
Tender pieces of of chicken marinated in cream & yoghurt with Indian spices & barbequed

Malai chicken tikka
Tender pieces of chicken marinated in cream & Indian spices & barbequed

Sea Food Kabab
Jumbo lobster angara (Seasonal)
A fresh lobster gently flavoured with unique flavour of ajwain and barbequed

Fish tikka
Fish pieces marinated in exotic spices and barbequed

Macchi koliwada
Hamour marinated in Indian spices herbs and deep fried crisp

Jhinga yamini
Jumbo prawns marinated in rich, exhotic spices and barbequed over a slow charcoal fire

Fried prawns
Spicy batter fried prawns

Vegetarian Delicacies
Dal kabila
Black lentils and red beans cooked overnight in the traditional way with 'Desi Ghee'

Dal sailana (Plain/tarka)
Yellow lentils with tempering of spices

Paneer tawa masala
Cottage cheese simmed in rich thick gravy and flavoured with ajwain & cooked on a tawa

Kadai paneer
Cottage cheese in thick kadai gravy. Truly hot and spicy

Balti baby vegetables
Baby vegetables coocked in Balti special spices

Kashmiri dum aloo
Gently boiled potatoes stuffed with vegetables and dry fruits and served with aan aromatic gravy

Spicy balti potatoes
Spicy potatoes with pepper in balti spices

Aloo gobi
Cauli flower and potatoes cooked with Indian spices garnished with coriander

Hari makai khaas
Spinach and corn cooked in our Chef's special gravy

Bhendi masala
Lady finger tossed in onions, tomatoes and exotic Indian spicy gravy

Dhingri dulma
Mushrooms and cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes and tempered with dash of black cumin

Summer special
Assorted vegetables enriched with our chef's very own gravy

Chicken Delicacies
Murg makhani (Butter chicken)
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in buttery tomato gravy

Kadai murg / Murg handi
Tender chicken pieces cooked in the traditional kadai / handi style

Murg mumtaz
Succulent breasts of chicken served with sliced tomatoes, potatoes and fruits cooked in a rich sauce

Balti chilli chicken
Unusual combination of chicken balti spices and our chef's special ingredients

Murg hyderabadi
Spring chicken in spicy ix of sesame, peanuts and coconut gravy. Nizams favourite

Balti chicken
Boneless chicken cooked to the perfection in balti spices

Chicken tikka masala
barbequed pieces of chicken in spicy gravy

Murg badami
Boneless chicken with almonds and rich gravy favourite dish of the great Moghal Emperor Akbar

Murg methi
Combination of chicken and fenugreek gravy

Lamb Delicacies
Dabba Gosht
Rustic and really hot lamb cooked in a dum style

Ghost ke kazi
Boneless mutton in our Chef's special gravy

Sea Food Delicacies
Butter pepper garlic - Hamour
Hamour / shrimps / cooked with butter, pepper and garlic sauce

Butter pepper garlic - Shrimps
Hamour / shrimps / cooked with butter, pepper and garlic sauce

Fish curry
Fillet of fish cooked in an exotic gravy

Jhinga kadai
Semi dry preparation of tiger prawns cooked with a thick spicy gravy

Lobster masala
Malabar's famous seafood delicacy

Bread / Rotis
Nan / kulcha / paratha / roti
Unleavened refined flour bread / unleavened whole wheat bread / unleavened multi layered whole wheat bread / crisp whole bread

Butter nana / kulcha / paratha / roti

Makai roti
Hearty sweet corn bread from Punjab

Garlic cheese naan

Assorted rotis
Naan, paratha, kulcha, tandoor roti

Roomali roti
Hand kerchief bread, soft and delicate thin roti

Aloo paratha
Stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes and vegetables

Kheema paratha
Stuffed with delicately mince meat

Rice Specialities
Steam rice
Fluffy basmati rice

Jeera rice
Best grade basmati rice seasoned with cumin seed

Navratan pulav
Originally made to honour the nine jewels of emperor Akbar's court, this mixed vegetable pulav traditionally has nine vegetables

Biryani rice

Chicken biryani
cooked in basmati rice and aromatic spices

Mutton biryani
cooked in basmati rice and aromatic spices

Vegetables biryani
Fresh vegetables cooked with basmati rice and spices

Prawn biryani
Specially cooked prawn masala with rice

Fish biryani
Specially cooked fish masala with rice

Salads / Papads / Raitas
Green salad
Fresh cut vegetables

Beaten yoghurt served with your choice of potato / cucumber / onion and tomato with seasoning


Masala papadam
Crisp Indian pancake topped with onoin, tomato and spices (2 pieces)

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